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Cheap martinis

Cheap, good martinis are hard to come by.  Boys may scoff at women’s love for martinis, marking it as some jaded Sex in the City fantasy.  But if you’re not careful those cocktails will knock you on your ass as they as are potent as they are delicious.  Besides, if you’ve watched an episode of Mad Men you know that a good martini can be pretty manly. With this in mind, plus my craving for a new Friday night watering hole hangout, led me to 60 West Bistro and Martini Bar on Shelbyville Road.

Cheers to my Bellini martini with Pinnacle vodka, peach schnapps, peach puree and champagne.

Having been to Drake’s next door and passing 60 West quite a few times I wasn’t sure what to expect.  A couple of things left me pleasantly surprised:

  • Holy martini list (PDF) batman. 61 martinis if I counted right. Yes I know some of the names are girly, I hate the word ‘MANtini’ and a majority are made with sour mix or sprite.  This isn’t for mixology purists.  But admit it… that list is impressive!  And my bellini was excellent.
  • When you walk into 60 West it is deceptively bigger then it looks from the outside.  A heated patio, plenty of elegant booth space, and a nice big wooden square bar. And loved the easy parking out back (coming from a downtown dweller).
  • The waitstaff/bartenders were excellent and patient with my hundreds of questions.  I’m allowed to be picky. You’re talking to a former server/hostess for 6+ years.
  • The atmosphere was appealing.  Candles everywhere, wooden accents and cool 20 x 20 ft wall of a Makers Mark art installation.  Martini bars can be fru fru. This was not.
  • Cheap drinks.  $5 martinis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and 1/2 price bottles of wine Wednesday and Friday.  You could do some serious damage to yourself with $20.
  • A decent food menu (PDF) with interesting dishes:

My pizza with maple fennell sausage, roasted tomatoes, balsamic glazed onions, shitake mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and a house made red sauce.

My bill after two martinis and this split pizza: $28 bucks. And I didn’t even order anything on special.  Cheers to that!

Open Monday – Thursday 4p to 12m.  Friday – Saturday 4p to 2a.  3939 Shelbyville Rd.

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Sweet Baby D’s

Baby D’s bagel and deli (aptly named after co-owner Derick Mulcahy aka ‘Baby D’) boasts a koorazy amount of bagels and sandwiches featuring A&S Bagels from Long Island, NY. But why bagels from New York? The history helps.  Immigrant Polish-Jews first brought these bready wonders to New York City and perfected the puffy yet moist crust with a slight chew, instead of the smaller, crunchier, semi-sweet bagels like Montreal bagels.  Here in Louisville Baby D’s is unique because we aren’t used to moist big city bagels.  At Baby D’s they use a high-pressure steamer on every sandwich, which heats up and melts the cheese/meat without making it soggy. And makes it super delicious.

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The boys also aim to please by topping their bagels with roasted or smoked meat all done in house, ranging from turkey, beef brisket, roast beef, ham and bacon.  Their menu ranges as broad as their schedule, open Sunday to Thursday 7a-9p and Saturday to Sunday 7a to 4a.  You read that right: Baby D’s caters to the late night munchy crowd! Perhaps they are the inspiration for some of these hilariously named sandwiches:

Honey Badger: Peanut butter, honey and banana on a blueberry bagel.
Hangover Cure: Fried egg, ham, brisket, provolone, on a plain bagel.
Young Cheezy: Ham, provolone, swiss and cheddar on a plain bagel.
Bill Cosby: Turkey, spinach, cream cheese, provolone, bbq sauce on a bialy bagel.
Cardinal Sin: Cinnamon doughnut with marshmellow cream, gram crackers, and chocolate covered bacon.

Shut yo mouth.

Check out the full menu here courtesy of my handy black and white scanner: Baby D’s bagel & deli menu (PDF).  Located at 2009 Highland Ave. For delivery call 502-365-DELI.

SaE it is so! New downtown cafe/lunch delivery

Have you checked out the newly opened SaE Cafe’ on 7th Street between Market and Jefferson? Opened by lunch meal lover Emily Sparks, SaE Cafe offers unique sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads for hungry downtown diners.

Baby it's cold outside. Get lunch delivered instead. 585-3400. 11-1p.

Among their top sellers is the Mexi Mama, which comes tucked in a whole wheat wrap, with ancho chile cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese, green pepper, turkey, avocado spread and red onion.  I’m also interested in the red pepper bisque soup and the Angry Bob.   This sammy comes with white bread, turkey, swiss, green apples, mayo, bacon and dill pickles.  (Although I’d take mine without the dill pickles because of my odd disdain of the cucumber cousin).

Plus two of the sandwiches on the menu came from Mayor Fischer who created Fischer’s Favorite and former Chief of Police Robert C. White who created Hail to the Chief.  Says Emily of her cafe:

The idea of the cafe started with my best friend Sarah (the S in SaE…Sarah and Emily, genius, right:)  and I wanting to open a Fun, Fresh and Fast place for the downtown employees and visitors to eat and hang out!  I realized the cafe customer had several choices downtown but I wanted them to choose SaE because they could not get a coffee/food/customer experience anywhere else downtown like it.  We are also the only coffee house to serve Tazza Mia downtown

Salute this small business owner and try her cute cafe! Let me know how you like it.

The Village Anchor

I had the most amazing time at The Village Anchor in Anchorage, Kentucky.  Having never been to Anchorage before I was treated to gorgeous nautical themed homes, amazing lake views and the cutest restaurants all nestled together with the flagship being the Village Anchor.  And all 20 minutes away from downtown! During the winter there is an insulated outdoor heated patio with a roaring stone fireplace to keep you warm while enjoying the view.  This place was absolutely darling.  Take a look for yourself by clicking through the thumbnails below.

What we ate: Anchorage award-winning chili with freshly fried pita chips. French onion soup with a toasted brioche crouton.  A fried egg sandwich with fresh basil leaves, fried pancetta on sourdough bread, with garlic ailoli. Hand-cut sweet potato fries with rosemary salt and vanilla/brown sugar seasoning.  Served with a creamy marshmallow dipping sauce.  Gorgeous pink grilled North Atlantic salmon, sauteed baby spinach with a balsamic glaze.

Why we’ll be back: The service was excellent.  You feel transported, like you’re dining in Maine. And I’m dying to try Red Velvet Pancakes on their Sunday brunch menu. (PDF)

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Grab some Toast!

I absolutely adore Toast on Market and judging by their wait times every weekend so do you.  Toast has outgrown their tiny walls in downtown NuLu and is temporarily closing to set up bigger digs:

If you’re heading there one last time before the move try my favorite: the bacon and egg sandwich with dijon vinaigrette, gorgonzola, applewood bacon and a perfect over-medium egg served with hashbrown casserole.  Oh- and one rum raison bread pudding pancake on the side. A la cart style y’all.

My mother-in-law swears that their coffee is as good as Disney coffee. Now that’s saying something.

Good luck with reopening Toast!

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