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Cheap martinis

Cheap, good martinis are hard to come by.  Boys may scoff at women’s love for martinis, marking it as some jaded Sex in the City fantasy.  But if you’re not careful those cocktails will knock you on your ass as they as are potent as they are delicious.  Besides, if you’ve watched an episode of Mad Men you know that a good martini can be pretty manly. With this in mind, plus my craving for a new Friday night watering hole hangout, led me to 60 West Bistro and Martini Bar on Shelbyville Road.

Cheers to my Bellini martini with Pinnacle vodka, peach schnapps, peach puree and champagne.

Having been to Drake’s next door and passing 60 West quite a few times I wasn’t sure what to expect.  A couple of things left me pleasantly surprised:

  • Holy martini list (PDF) batman. 61 martinis if I counted right. Yes I know some of the names are girly, I hate the word ‘MANtini’ and a majority are made with sour mix or sprite.  This isn’t for mixology purists.  But admit it… that list is impressive!  And my bellini was excellent.
  • When you walk into 60 West it is deceptively bigger then it looks from the outside.  A heated patio, plenty of elegant booth space, and a nice big wooden square bar. And loved the easy parking out back (coming from a downtown dweller).
  • The waitstaff/bartenders were excellent and patient with my hundreds of questions.  I’m allowed to be picky. You’re talking to a former server/hostess for 6+ years.
  • The atmosphere was appealing.  Candles everywhere, wooden accents and cool 20 x 20 ft wall of a Makers Mark art installation.  Martini bars can be fru fru. This was not.
  • Cheap drinks.  $5 martinis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and 1/2 price bottles of wine Wednesday and Friday.  You could do some serious damage to yourself with $20.
  • A decent food menu (PDF) with interesting dishes:

My pizza with maple fennell sausage, roasted tomatoes, balsamic glazed onions, shitake mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and a house made red sauce.

My bill after two martinis and this split pizza: $28 bucks. And I didn’t even order anything on special.  Cheers to that!

Open Monday – Thursday 4p to 12m.  Friday – Saturday 4p to 2a.  3939 Shelbyville Rd.

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Coming down from my sugar high

I just recovered from a 40 dessert hangover from judging Desserts First with wordsmith Marty Rosen, writer of music, art and food for the Courier- Journal and the elegant Ann Evans, executive director of the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion.  We ate from 4:45p to 7p as Marty and Ann traded stories of a common dreaded childhood teacher and swapped restaurant recommendations.  The level of sophistication of the desserts we sampled was truly remarkable and all restaurants deserve to be applauded for putting on such a great show.

The creativity used to incorporate Girl Scout cookies was amazing. We tasted specialty desserts, drinks, pizzas, and appetizers including shrimp, crab cakes, and gumbo- all using Girl Scout cookies! But a few restaurants that really stood out.

Congratulations to the 2012 Desserts First winners (we didn’t have descriptions of what we were eating, so I apologize for any inconsistencies):

Judges Choice

Peoples Choice

Comfy Cow stole the show with their Holy 'Samoa', Batman!

There was no doubt in my mind that Comfy Cow should have taken home the ultimate prize as top dessert.  They made an ambitious two desserts during the competition, which could be risky if one dessert isn’t up to par.  Comfy Cow’s Tim Koons-McGee was sweet enough to share his recipes (PDF downloads) for the delicious Holy Samoa, Batman made with Dulce de Leche De Salte ice cream and Samoas, plus the pistachio encrusted Gettin’ Comfy in Savannah made with Savannah Smiles.

I was honored to participate in such a great event and look forward to taking a few weeks off from the sweets. 🙂

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A “Like” for a Pizza. BADA BING!

Clicking “Like” on Facebook to get a free pizza is something I like.  Clicking “Like” on Facebook and winning free pizza for a year I love more then a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle loves April O’Neil, and well, pizza.  And all just to promote the grand opening of  Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint on 2011 Grinstead Drive in the Highlands.  The unique angle on Uncle Maiddio’s is it’s sort of like a cross between a Mongolian Grill and your standard pizza fare- you walk up and there are a huge amount of toppings and choices in front of you.

Step 1 Choose your dough. Step 2 Choose your sauce. Step 3 Choose your toppings. Step 4 Hold up the line because you're way too indecisive for all of this!

First with the dough you can pick from traditional, whole wheat, or gluten free.  Seems easy enough.  And then you pick your sauce of  Uncle Maddio’s tomato-basil, buttermilk ranch, spicy buffalo, zesty tomato, bbq, herb pesto, or garlic infused olive oil.  Getting harder.  Then your brain explodes when you look at the number of toppings you have to choose from:

3 million pizza combinations? Why not!

Or do like me and just order online so I don’t have an in-store indecisive pizza overloaded freak out.  BADA BING!

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If you haven’t checked out MozzaPi yet please first feast your eyes on the pie below:

Sweet tiny baby Jesus that is a delicious looking pizza.

What is that incredible looking dish? Why it’s MozzaPi’s prosciutto & arugula pizza with a balsamic reduction! The difference between this pizza and your standard American fare is that MozzaPi brings the thunder on a traditional Napoletana pizza, being that it is from a wood fire oven, it has a focus on simple yet fresh ingredients, and it makes you go NOM NOM NOM when you eat it.

Most recently you could grab a slice of Italian-certified artistry on the portable MozzPi truck featured around town at various food truck events.  But thankfully starting in 2012 you can travel down to 1015 Bardstown Road in the Highlands whenever you get the hankering.  Justyne Richardson gave me a sample of their developing menu:

(The menu) will feature approximately 3-5 anti pastas and salads, 6 Neapolitan pizza creations on our naturally leavened & hand kneaded crust, 3-4 more gourmet pizza creations which will be served on a different crust (an example of this pizza is the Thai pizza we have served with the truck before).   Dessert will feature our signature s’mores out of the wood fired oven.

Plus they’ll be serving brunch on the weekends.  I know. Awesome.

If you like what you see and can’t wait until 2012 to get a taste, check out this cool contest awarding two couples a dinner at the home of head chef and owner Tom Edwards on Saturday, November 19th.

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Garage Brunch

Since it was announced in September that Garage Bar was open for brunch (PDF) I’ve been wanting to try it. Cold pizza for breakfast was already excellent so hot pizza with sausage, potato, egg, spinach, cream and mozzarella sounded even better.  Just behold the beautiful pie that was delivered:

Get your brunch fix Saturday and Sunday from 11-3.

I’m a sucker for over medium eggs so dipping my crusts in the yolk left on the tray was a delicious finishing touch.  To go along with our savory pie we decided to try something sweet as well:

Belgian waffle with peaches, whipped butter & syrup.

It was your basic waffle sweetened with a peach topping with a warm syrup that tasted like it was spiced with something that gave it a bit of a zing.  The peaches on top were cold which I wasn’t expecting, but overall the waffle was good.  The slab of bacon we ordered on the side was slightly charred and delicious.

Garage does Proof proud in the food department, but the hospitality is inconsistent and inattentive.  The service is slow, but the food came out quickly and were dazzled despite the lackluster waitstaff.  Garage celebrates a group atmosphere with long family style tables and encourages sharing your dishes so bring a friend next time you’re hungry for pizza in the morning.

Update: Unfortunately Garage deleted my review from their Facebook page, probably because of the comment on their staff.  Check out more reviews and form your own opinion at:

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