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Where to eat in Louisville right now

Although I have sang the praises of many of these restaurants- it doesn’t hurt to have the fine folks at the James Beard Awards agree with my tastes. Maybe they have been reading my blog? 🙂 Here’s a list of chefs and restaurants that are making Louisville so wonderful:

Congratulations to James Beard semi-finalist Harvest for Best New Restaurant.

Remember when I about melted over their chocolate pumpkin bread pudding with caramel and whipped cream? Maybe this will jog your memory:

Makes me want to grow a garden! And force their chefs to cook me food everyday. Congrats Harvest.

Congratulations to the Oakroom at the Seelbach Hilton for the James Beard nomination for Outstanding Service.  Although I often focus on the many exciting new restaurants opening up in Louisville, the Oakroom has not only bred numerous great chefs who were inspired to start their own ventures, but they continuously push the envelope with their food.  I have fond memories of my very first pecan pie salad with blue cheese ice cream, pumpkin soup with bison sausage, and their melt-in-your mouth ribeye.  And of course the service has always been impeccable, which everyone knows is half of the dining experience.

And in the Best Chef Southeast category, congratulations to Seviche’s Anthony Lamas and 610 Magnolia’s Chef Edward Lee. When I first moved to Louisville everyone told me I had to go to Seviche and they were right.  From the spicy empanadas, to the gorgeous tuna tacuitos seviche, Chef Anthony brings the Latin thunder. Having received this nomination for the past two years I’m crossing my fingers that this year he can go all the way.

Chef Edward Lee has been in the press lately for getting to the top 4 in Top Chef and he couldn’t have represented Louisville better.  Funny, caring, charismatic and honest Chef Lee deserves all of these great food accomplishments.  And if his day couldn’t get any better, Greater Louisville Inc. also named Chef Lee as the recipient of the Thomas Edison Award for bringing success to both Louisville and himself.  Get info on the awards ceremony and purchase tickets here.

Cheers to all of those nominated for making this city such a great place to live and eat. Now get out there and enjoy the best!

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Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Eccentric begins to explain Haymarket Whiskey Bar owner Matthew Landan.  After all, when I walked into his bar only 10 days into his renovations 2 hours before his soft opening with himself as the only bartender, the words crazy, gutsy, and ballsy also came to mind.  Then I looked down at the Star Wars light saber laying on the bar.  This guy’s got some flair about him.

The guy with the cowboy hat? That's owner Matthew Landan. The camera was not the reason he is a blur.

Matthew moved to Louisville from Chicago 7 years ago and opened up the Derby City Espresso for $30,000 in the prime real estate spot of 331 East Market Street.  After declining sales and the itching need for reinvention, (he blames it on his roving Deadhead days and travels in Europe), the guy who never wanted to open a bar, opened a bar.  And so began Haymarket Whiskey Bar, named after a Louisville outdoor farmer’s market in the late 1800s.

The space is small but spilling over with personality as quirky as the owners.  There are naked mannequins, a fleur-de-lis disco ball, pinball machines, and a self-serve beer cooler.  There is one bathroom and a small patio in the back for smokers.  The small seafoam green glass bar adds a kitschy touch with 6-7 barstools for sitting.  There are 7 taps and 50+ whiskeys and craft beers.

In the coming months Haymarket Whiskey Bar is acquiring an absinthe fountain, having special charcuterie tastings, grappa tastings, and expanding the bourbon collection to match the whiskey collection.  Matthew is also working on getting his sidewalk permit for the summertime to have tables outside.  But give him a break, he’s only been at this for 10 days.  Take a look at his work in progress:

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Hard open February 4th.  Open Tuesday through Saturday 4p-2p.  Live music 4 nights a week.

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Top 10 reasons the Silver Dollar is an awesome place to get your grub on.

Top 10 reasons the Silver Dollar is an awesome place to get your grub on:

The former Albert A. Stoll firehouse got fancy y'all.

10. Dangerous (and extensive) collection of both bourbon AND tequila.

9.  Wood. Wooden booths, 40+ foot wooden bar, wooden hand painted street signs. Even the menu is a flexible wood. Combined with the exposed brick and tacky post-season Christmas lights, it gives this kitchy honkey tonk a comforting atmosphere.

8. Bucket list worthy food. Yes it was on my bucket list to eat chicken livers. Yes Silver Dollar deep fries and buttermilk batters their chicken livers. Yes I ate some with their homemade hot sauce. Did I like it? No. I suppose chicken livers just aren’t my thing. But I crossed it off my list!

7.  Style. Many folks have been calling the Silver Dollar ‘Bakersfield-styled’, ‘a retro honky tonk’, and ‘that restaurant in that old firehouse’.  ‘On Frankfort’.  All of these are true.

6. Redneck banquet table. In the back, seats about 20. Complete with table candles and plastic chairs.  And more Christmas lights.

5.  The Gold Rush. A cocktail of bourbon (Old Fitzgerald), lemon, and honey.   It sounds like a remedy for something!

4.  Art. A hand painted map of the city the firemen used to use? Love it.

3. Swinging music.  Rhythmic, upbeat, hip, country, and fun.  The whole joint was tapping their toes as they were chatting.

2.  Comfort food. The largest bone-in maple syrup drenched, crispy piece of juicy chicken you can throw an adjective at.  On a waffle. But please owners Michael Rubel, Shawn Cantley, and Larry Rice (formerly of 732 Social).  Can I get a few extra waffle pieces on the plate? Also good: the mac and cheese.

And the number 1 reason to get your grub on at the Silver Dollar…

1. Fireman’s Pole. That’s really the only reason you need.

Check it out for yourself:

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1761 Frankfort Avenue. Open Monday through Sunday. 5p-2a.

The Silver Dollar on Urbanspoon

Get excited for Taco Punk

Open January 19th at 736 East Market Street.

I had a chance to chat with Gabe Sowder, restaurant owner and chef of new eatery Taco Punk to fill us in with the latest happenings of the restaurant.  In case you missed Consuming Louisville’s post last week, this Friday is Taco Punk’s soft opening/fundraiser for Slow Food Bluegrass, an organization that brings good, clean foods to our tables while maintaining a commitment to the environment.  That means on Friday the 13th you can pay 10 bucks and get a meal and a soft drink from Taco Punk plus do something good for our community.  But if you’re too superstitious to leave the house on the 13th, Taco Punk is officially opening their doors to the public on January 19th.  Some cool stuff I learned from Gabe:

  • What’s with their name? It was dreamed up from a child! Gabe’s son Ezra who was 5 at the time was horsing around with his dad and called him a ‘taco punk’.  Ezra is 6 years old now and taking restaurant consultations.
  • About the food and booze. Gabe is taking up with the rest of the East Market restaurants and using only ingredients from local farms.  Everything in the restaurant is made by hand including the tortillas and the sauces.  The menu will be sensitive to all dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, gluten allergies, etc.  When Taco Punk opens they’ll be serving lunch and dinner.  Alcoholic beverages will include wine from Spain and South America with Mexican and American craft brews.  
  • Gabe’s favorite taco? His pineapple pork taco.
  • What’s next? Expanding their operations to do catering soon.

And why the jump from gourmet 610 Magnolia to Taco Punk in NuLu? Says Gabe:

Spiritually I always had trouble with no matter how good my food was at 610 Magnolia my family and friends couldn’t afford to go there.  So I asked myself the question how I can get the best possible food into the hands of the most possible people and came up with Taco Punk.

Can’t wait to try it myself!

Open during the week 11-10 pm, Friday and Saturday 11-2 am.  Located at 736 East Market Street.

Sweet Baby D’s

Baby D’s bagel and deli (aptly named after co-owner Derick Mulcahy aka ‘Baby D’) boasts a koorazy amount of bagels and sandwiches featuring A&S Bagels from Long Island, NY. But why bagels from New York? The history helps.  Immigrant Polish-Jews first brought these bready wonders to New York City and perfected the puffy yet moist crust with a slight chew, instead of the smaller, crunchier, semi-sweet bagels like Montreal bagels.  Here in Louisville Baby D’s is unique because we aren’t used to moist big city bagels.  At Baby D’s they use a high-pressure steamer on every sandwich, which heats up and melts the cheese/meat without making it soggy. And makes it super delicious.

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The boys also aim to please by topping their bagels with roasted or smoked meat all done in house, ranging from turkey, beef brisket, roast beef, ham and bacon.  Their menu ranges as broad as their schedule, open Sunday to Thursday 7a-9p and Saturday to Sunday 7a to 4a.  You read that right: Baby D’s caters to the late night munchy crowd! Perhaps they are the inspiration for some of these hilariously named sandwiches:

Honey Badger: Peanut butter, honey and banana on a blueberry bagel.
Hangover Cure: Fried egg, ham, brisket, provolone, on a plain bagel.
Young Cheezy: Ham, provolone, swiss and cheddar on a plain bagel.
Bill Cosby: Turkey, spinach, cream cheese, provolone, bbq sauce on a bialy bagel.
Cardinal Sin: Cinnamon doughnut with marshmellow cream, gram crackers, and chocolate covered bacon.

Shut yo mouth.

Check out the full menu here courtesy of my handy black and white scanner: Baby D’s bagel & deli menu (PDF).  Located at 2009 Highland Ave. For delivery call 502-365-DELI.