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Where to eat in Louisville right now

Although I have sang the praises of many of these restaurants- it doesn’t hurt to have the fine folks at the James Beard Awards agree with my tastes. Maybe they have been reading my blog? 🙂 Here’s a list of chefs and restaurants that are making Louisville so wonderful:

Congratulations to James Beard semi-finalist Harvest for Best New Restaurant.

Remember when I about melted over their chocolate pumpkin bread pudding with caramel and whipped cream? Maybe this will jog your memory:

Makes me want to grow a garden! And force their chefs to cook me food everyday. Congrats Harvest.

Congratulations to the Oakroom at the Seelbach Hilton for the James Beard nomination for Outstanding Service.  Although I often focus on the many exciting new restaurants opening up in Louisville, the Oakroom has not only bred numerous great chefs who were inspired to start their own ventures, but they continuously push the envelope with their food.  I have fond memories of my very first pecan pie salad with blue cheese ice cream, pumpkin soup with bison sausage, and their melt-in-your mouth ribeye.  And of course the service has always been impeccable, which everyone knows is half of the dining experience.

And in the Best Chef Southeast category, congratulations to Seviche’s Anthony Lamas and 610 Magnolia’s Chef Edward Lee. When I first moved to Louisville everyone told me I had to go to Seviche and they were right.  From the spicy empanadas, to the gorgeous tuna tacuitos seviche, Chef Anthony brings the Latin thunder. Having received this nomination for the past two years I’m crossing my fingers that this year he can go all the way.

Chef Edward Lee has been in the press lately for getting to the top 4 in Top Chef and he couldn’t have represented Louisville better.  Funny, caring, charismatic and honest Chef Lee deserves all of these great food accomplishments.  And if his day couldn’t get any better, Greater Louisville Inc. also named Chef Lee as the recipient of the Thomas Edison Award for bringing success to both Louisville and himself.  Get info on the awards ceremony and purchase tickets here.

Cheers to all of those nominated for making this city such a great place to live and eat. Now get out there and enjoy the best!

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I’ve got your fix

I’ve got your fix of Girl Scout cookies, a beautiful bundle of cookies so great they’ll send you to the store to get an extra gallon of milk.  It doesn’t matter that Tagalongs were called Peanut Butter Patties when you were little.  You know you still want them.  Especially since the cookies you pre-ordered have not and will not be delivered to our area until March! Oh yes I did!

Get your samoas, peanut butter cremes, thin mints, peanut butter patties, and trefoils! Ok fine. I'll throw in the Savannah Smiles (lemon cookies) and the Dulce de Leche caramel cookies too.

Although the pre-sales are over you still have one more time to purchase cookies during their booth sales March 2-March 18. Then it’s over for another year. The tech savvy Girl Scouts even have a cookie locator app that can be downloaded to find a cookie booth closest to you in March.

But you can’t wait that longGet your cookie fix right now! Tell me which Girl Scout cookie you love the best in the comment section of this post and you can win the whole bundle. I’ll even ship them to my far away subscribers! The winner will be pulled this Friday at 9 am. And sorry Boy Scouts. Popcorn is lame.

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Hate the Sarah McLaughlin PSA? Something you can stomach.

Oh my goodness if I see another sad Sarah McLaughlin animal PSA I’m going to cry. But what’s a food and animal lover to do to help those cute critters? Luckily two of my favorite spots are teaming up for what should prove to be a great night.

Join the Animal Care Society February 20th at The Village Anchor, 11507 Park Road, Anchorage, KY 40223.  Our gracious hosts at the Village Anchor will donate 10% (including alcohol) of your check to our shelter when you mention The Animal Care Society!

I’m going to be there because I know how fulfilling it is to adopt rescues.  And I finally have an excuse to post a picture of my cats on my food blog.

Mush is my girlcat (left). Prince is my boycat. Aren't rescues the cutest?

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Men Who Cook are Hot

Though I’m no cooking enthusiast I can surely appreciate a person who is.   I get just as excited when I find a good recipe so I can get my guy to make it for me.  Admit it.   There’s something super attractive about a guy who cooks.  The old adage should be updated to “the quickest way to a ANYONE’S heart is through their stomach”.

You can see it across the faces of reality show contestants flirting with celebrity chefs who’s attractiveness level is ratcheted by their cooking skills.  Are chefs the new rock stars? It’s true that when you give a semi-attractive man a musical instrument he looks a bit better.  That’s why so many guys are strumming the same three chords on a guitar. “To pick up chicks, man!”

The Hard Rock Cafe and their new ad campaigns reminded me of this fact. Yes, the guy cooking is pretty attractive, but does he look even better as a chef? Hard Rock wants us to believe that their new rock stars are their culinary team.

What do you think?

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Give it to me, NOW!

Wild Eggs is bringing out the inner Veruca Salt in me. “Daddy I want the 3,000,000th egg!” Give it to me, NOW!

Who will win the magical 3,000,000th egg?

Wild Eggs is running a wild promotion that awards one lucky patron with breakfast for a year for 2 at their restaurant! But it can’t be an egg mixed within a pancake, a muffin, or in their french toast. It’s got to be a straight up delicious egg found in favorites like Kalamity Kate’s Border Benedict or my personal favorite, the Ace of a BLT, which is my mind is the perfect breakfast sandwich.  Love me some avocado.

Ace of a BLT: Avocado, cheddar, perfect medium fried egg, bacon, lettuce and tomato on crisp sourdough, typically served with skillet potatoes. Makes you say nom.

And according to my local egghead statistician, Marge Innovera, odds are with you that the 3,000,000th egg will be served any day now:

  • Chef J.J. Kingery says the lucky egg will likely be served in late January (now) to early February (almost now)
  • 1900 eggs a day are served at Wild Eggs every day, 6500 eggs per week
  • No one has won it yet. So your odds are even better. That’s math baby.

Win the golden egg at 4 locations: 3985 Dutchmans Lane, 1311 Herr Lane, 153 English Station Road, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, head out to their Denver location: 300 East Alameda Avenue. If you’re going for the big win make sure you have tears ready, an acceptance speech, and my email so we can grab free breakfast together next week. Good luck!

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