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Puppies and Booze

I was pretty stoked when I saw Mayor Greg Fischer post a pic visiting new small business Vines & Canines on Frankfort Avenue.  The idea of bringing two great things together, wine and animals, just seemed too good to be true. Was I going to get Rick Rolled when I clicked on their website? Look what I discovered:

Freaking adorable.

The idea behind the shop from owner Marc DeMichele (pictured above with his mama):

Vine & Canines (was) developed from my personal love for my dog, and for fine wine, as well as my desire to unite everyone who shares these passions. This idea grew out of an evening of pulling corks with a dear friend along with our dogs and the realization that our experience was enriched by our four-legged pals. I not only want to provide a unique line of products for lovers of dogs and wine, but also create events where people with similar interests could meet and celebrate this affinity we all share.

What a unique concept! Shake your tail on over to Vines & Canines and support local business owners. Need some more feel-goodiness? A portion of all of their proceeds go to the Kentucky Humane Society to benefit animals in need. Giddeyup!

1760 Frankfort Avenue .  Open Tuesday–Thursday from 12n to 9p.   Friday & Saturday: 12n to 10 p.

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Speaking of the Comfy Cow

The fine folks at the award winning Comfy Cow are doing good for our bellies and our community with their 2nd Annual Chocopalooza.  Save the date for the cocolicious event on Saturday February 11th from 6-10p benefiting Make-A-Wish and the Boy’s and Girl’s Haven.  What would send the average chocoholic into the stratosphere?

There will be 11 different and udderly unique chocolate ice creams for your sampling pleasure as well as a variety of Cellar Door’s amazing Chocolate Truffles, fudge, peanut butter cups, and the like. Interactive ‘Chocolate Stations’ will be positioned throughout the store, such as a chocolate crepe station; a make your own chocolate cotton candy station; dip your own chocolate covered banana station; etc. There will be live music, magic acts, face painting, and door prizes.

That’s goodness for everybody.  The Chocopalooza will be taking place at all three locations.  Find them at Westport Village, Frankfort Ave, or Cardinale Towne at UofL.

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Top 10 reasons the Silver Dollar is an awesome place to get your grub on.

Top 10 reasons the Silver Dollar is an awesome place to get your grub on:

The former Albert A. Stoll firehouse got fancy y'all.

10. Dangerous (and extensive) collection of both bourbon AND tequila.

9.  Wood. Wooden booths, 40+ foot wooden bar, wooden hand painted street signs. Even the menu is a flexible wood. Combined with the exposed brick and tacky post-season Christmas lights, it gives this kitchy honkey tonk a comforting atmosphere.

8. Bucket list worthy food. Yes it was on my bucket list to eat chicken livers. Yes Silver Dollar deep fries and buttermilk batters their chicken livers. Yes I ate some with their homemade hot sauce. Did I like it? No. I suppose chicken livers just aren’t my thing. But I crossed it off my list!

7.  Style. Many folks have been calling the Silver Dollar ‘Bakersfield-styled’, ‘a retro honky tonk’, and ‘that restaurant in that old firehouse’.  ‘On Frankfort’.  All of these are true.

6. Redneck banquet table. In the back, seats about 20. Complete with table candles and plastic chairs.  And more Christmas lights.

5.  The Gold Rush. A cocktail of bourbon (Old Fitzgerald), lemon, and honey.   It sounds like a remedy for something!

4.  Art. A hand painted map of the city the firemen used to use? Love it.

3. Swinging music.  Rhythmic, upbeat, hip, country, and fun.  The whole joint was tapping their toes as they were chatting.

2.  Comfort food. The largest bone-in maple syrup drenched, crispy piece of juicy chicken you can throw an adjective at.  On a waffle. But please owners Michael Rubel, Shawn Cantley, and Larry Rice (formerly of 732 Social).  Can I get a few extra waffle pieces on the plate? Also good: the mac and cheese.

And the number 1 reason to get your grub on at the Silver Dollar…

1. Fireman’s Pole. That’s really the only reason you need.

Check it out for yourself:

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1761 Frankfort Avenue. Open Monday through Sunday. 5p-2a.

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Mediterranean Grill Smackdown

There are several food wars going on in Louisville.  Some of them friendly, some of them not so friendly.   I remember walking into DeVino’s Deli on Market Street downtown when I first moved to Louisville to grab a slice of delicious floppy cheese pizza.  In classic foot-in-mouth style I said out loud “Your pizza is really good! The sauce tastes similar to Spinelli’s“.  They were not keen on the comparison.  I realized instantly this was a city with a fierce pizza war.

Food truckers are growing strong here in Louisville and are excellent in their gatherings and promotion of one another.  That’s a friendly war.  But is there also a fierce Mediterranean battle going on in Louisville as well?

Being a person who lives and works downtown I have the pleasure of sampling multiple Mediterranean fast-casual restaurants all within just a block or two of one another.  There’s three restaurants within a mile of each other on 4th Street alone.  But today I passed them all and headed for the intoxicating Shiraz Mediterranean Grill on Frankfort Avenue.

Chicken kabob with Balal

There’s a heavy focus on fresh ingredients at this restaurant.  I’m not going to name names, but I did notice at one of my downtown Mediterranean stops the cook put my entire lamb entree into a microwave. Not cool. And not at Shiraz.  Shiraz instead uses grandmother patented Mediterranean recipes that are seasoned and spiced to perfection.  During today’s visit I feasted on marinated chicken kabob, tabbouleh and the freshest corn on the cob (aka balal), which was fire-roasted and treated to a sea salt bath.  The combinations at this restaurant seem endless: choose from white rice, herbal rice, lentil rice, or sweet potato fries; sides of a shriaz salad, quinoa, hummus, eggplant; pick from beef, shrimp, lamb, mahi-mahi all cooked on natural oak char-grilled.  For the non-carnivores there were falafels and delicious looking veggie kabobs.  And any old restaurant could have a Coca-Cola soda fountain machine with standard Coke products, but Shiraz had the brilliance to install the rare Barq’s Red Cream soda. Well done.

Bonus: Free wifi

Although there are 15 Mediterranean restaurants within 15 minutes of me at any given time and plenty I’m still dying to try (I’m looking at you Grape Leaf) I can always count on Shiraz to deliver a powerful punch to my taste buds.
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