About Meg

Food enthusiast isn’t really the right term.  Food enthusiasts are what I’d imagine I would be like if I got my doctor to write me a script for Adderall.   I’m a heavy user. I’ve got an obsession with great local Louisville food blogs and a DVR menu packed with all things Food Network, Top Chef, Ramsey, Man vs Food, Flay, Brown and I just discovered online BBC food shows too- AMAZING. You can find me at wine tastings, food truck rukus’ (rukus’s? rukuses?) and restaurant grand openings.    I have more pictures of my food then of the actual human beings I love in my life.  So instead of constantly torturing my Facebook friends with restaurant reviews I’ve decided to put it all in one easy to access place and created megabiteslouisville.

Wanna give me a shout? Email me at megabiteslouisville@gmail.com

Mom, look what I ate!

Funny fact: I don’t actually cook. That’s why I married a guy who can.  Upgrade!


10 thoughts on “About Meg

  1. juli says:

    You should take a bite out of Delaware next time your here!

  2. Don’t forget our new found entertainment, “Two Fat Ladies!!”

  3. Meg, this is great! Culv and I would love to visit you and Dave and have a bar/feast hop around your town.
    FYI brooklyn eats will blow your mind!!!

  4. Jeremy H. says:

    Hello. I saw your article, Meg. Thanks for the kind words. They have earned you a pint of Kashmir Godzilla at our St. Matthew’s location. It’s due out by Jan. 20th. Enjoy and thanks again.



  5. ellalives says:

    I’m rather excited to have found your blog via twitter. I am a self-confessed, west coast food snob (I can’t lie. well, I could, but…) and I want to love being in this part of the country for as long as I’m here. The food thing just may hold the key. Keep up the good work blogging

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