UnCorked Art

UpTown Art Uncorked is a artsy place on Bardstown Road that I can’t wait to take my girlfriends to.  Here’s the concept.  First you pick the type of painting you would like to paint from their upcoming calendar.  Once you pick the masterpiece you are going to create, (like the whimsical poppy field class coming up on Sunday February 25th at 7pm), you get stroke-by-stroke instructions from the head artist on how to create the beauty yourself.

The best part? The reason the art is uncorked is because you get to sip on wine and martinis during the class.  It’s like a night on the town with your best friend Bob Ross! Third step? Hang it on your wall and pretend you were a tortured art minor in college.  It’s perfect.

The fine folks at UpTown Art Uncorked are hoping to increase the thumbs up on their Facebook page with the following promotion:

We are doing 15% off with the coupon code “UptownArt” only valid for classes signed up for online, expiring March 15th.  And if we get 1000 LIKES in a month, we will choose a lucky winner to paint for FREE in 2012, unlimited times!

The painting classes seem to range from $29-$39 for adult paintings with special classes that are less money geared towards children.  To make a reservation head to their website and book online.  Although if you are an early-bird this may interest you:

Feeling super adventurous? Check out a free class at 5 am, max 15 people! Coffee provided to help awaken your creativity (and eyelids) on February 27th.

Making art while drinking wine. Genius! Located at 2458 Bardstown Road.

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One thought on “UnCorked Art

  1. Ash Marie says:

    This place is freaking awesome & let me mention, quite addicting! I’ve gone multiple times now & can’t get enough… I love it! : )

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