Men Who Cook are Hot

Though I’m no cooking enthusiast I can surely appreciate a person who is.   I get just as excited when I find a good recipe so I can get my guy to make it for me.  Admit it.   There’s something super attractive about a guy who cooks.  The old adage should be updated to “the quickest way to a ANYONE’S heart is through their stomach”.

You can see it across the faces of reality show contestants flirting with celebrity chefs who’s attractiveness level is ratcheted by their cooking skills.  Are chefs the new rock stars? It’s true that when you give a semi-attractive man a musical instrument he looks a bit better.  That’s why so many guys are strumming the same three chords on a guitar. “To pick up chicks, man!”

The Hard Rock Cafe and their new ad campaigns reminded me of this fact. Yes, the guy cooking is pretty attractive, but does he look even better as a chef? Hard Rock wants us to believe that their new rock stars are their culinary team.

What do you think?

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