Freddy Shiraz jealous of Eddie Merlot’s new cookbook

Update: Want to win a copy of the cookbook for your personal collection? Simply LIKE my Facebook page and post the name of the recipe you like to make the best at home. The winner will be pulled this Friday at 9 am.  The winner’s cookbook will be available at the downtown Eddie Merlot’s location. Good luck!

(…and my recipe would be sriracha spiced deviled eggs!)

True or false. Eddie Merlot’s is delicious. That’s true! I had a fancy pants lunch there not too long ago and had a great time.  But unless you’re planning on hitting the lottery tonight it’s unlikely you have the bankroll to eat there as often as you may like. That’s where their cookbook comes in handy.   Executive Chef Matthew Nolot lets loose all the secrets of the food that has graced the Louisville menu since 2010 (and their other 7 locations).

Available at the Eddie Merlot's on 455 S. Fourth Street for $34.95.

Now I’m not what you call a “cooking enthusiast”.  But I did browse a few menus in the book and realized these recipes aren’t for novice cookers.  They have hefty ingredient lists, like their version of the French Onion Soup, which has 21 components. That’s some upscale onion soup!

Take a sneak peak at their absolutely delicious Baked Mac and Cheese recipe (best topped with lobster).

Or better yet, someone start a blog and try every recipe in the book, with megabites over for dinner every night. I’ll bring the wine!

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