You Tweet? Let’s drink beer together.

Twitter is a relatively new experience for me. In the beginning I’d often send out my ‘what’s happening’ into computer space and nobody would respond. Facebook was just more comforting and it seemed more intuitive.  I know these people.  I think.  Wait… who are our mutual friends?

But Twitter enthusiasts kept me believing that one day I would know the purpose of hashtags, bitly, trending topics, and I even recently found out what SMH means. (Everyone SMH @ megabites).  I kept at it. And when I got my very first #ff I knew I was in.  I think I get this thing!

Through reading cool sites, getting e-introduced to interesting people, I found my way to Twitter monster (at press time 33,420 tweets!) @AlexPorter82.  He’s tweeted 26 times more then the average megabites typer and he has something to say! By day a market researcher and by night a tv-critic/friend-gathering/taco-bell-eating/strong-thumbed/shit-zhu-loving/worldly-witted guy!

Let’s have a beer with him and other like-minded individuals:

Says Alex of the hang out:

Over the past few years we’ve gotten a pretty good core group of followers on Twitter. A former co-worker of mine Tommy Spalding and I decided to get together somewhere for Happy Hour beers and simply invite anyone on Twitter who would want to come out and put a face to a name. ‘Tweet-ups’ are not original, Louisville has many of them but this is a LOT more laid back. No PowerPoints, no specific goals, no speeches. Just hanging out and talking about stuff we like.

Networking that puts the social back in.  And you already know what I think about Against the Grain.  Maybe I’ll save the giant 32 ounce ‘experience’ for the second or third #facetime. No more SMH at me! Or you. Dangit.

Get casual on Thursday Feb 23 at 6p.  401 East Main Street.

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