Cook for Top Chef

I have such a profound interest in chefs for someone who does very little cooking herself.  Chefs are often creative, gutsy, and have complete control of every aspect of their kitchen.  They’ve got the dicey personality that takes no prisoners, which why I think it was surprising to a lot of viewers that Top Chef’s Beverly is such a meek person.   But watching 610 Magnolia‘s Chef Edward Lee compete on Top Chef this season makes me very proud that he is from Louisville.  He is now in the top 4 in the competition, which is no easy feat considering they started the season with 29 excellent chefs.  Not to mention this guy is hilarious.

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I hope that as Louisville continues to gain attention as one of the coolest foodie towns in the world (thanks ZAGAT).  Are you a Louisville chef looking to step into the massive shoes of Edward Lee? Well Top Chef Season 10 is now casting:

I’m currently casting for Top Chef 10 and I’ve been doing a lot of research into the chefs that would be great for the show. You might already be familiar with the show, but in recent years we’ve had some pretty amazing chefs who’ve pushed the boundaries in the culinary world, so we’re really trying to raise the bar this season. We’re looking for strong, talented, and entertaining chefs who have really charismatic personalities (or any traits that might get people to sit up and pay attention) and hopefully have pretty impressive resumes to match.

Robyn Kiyomi
Casting Associate | Top Chef 10

Here’s to more Louisville on Top Chef Season 10! And if you get a moment, share a little love on Chef Lee and vote him your fan favorite.

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One thought on “Cook for Top Chef

  1. […] Chef Southeast category, congratulations to Seviche’s Anthony Lamas and 610 Magnolia’s Chef Edward Lee. When I first moved to Louisville everyone told me I had to go to Seviche and they were right.  […]

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