Give it to me, NOW!

Wild Eggs is bringing out the inner Veruca Salt in me. “Daddy I want the 3,000,000th egg!” Give it to me, NOW!

Who will win the magical 3,000,000th egg?

Wild Eggs is running a wild promotion that awards one lucky patron with breakfast for a year for 2 at their restaurant! But it can’t be an egg mixed within a pancake, a muffin, or in their french toast. It’s got to be a straight up delicious egg found in favorites like Kalamity Kate’s Border Benedict or my personal favorite, the Ace of a BLT, which is my mind is the perfect breakfast sandwich.  Love me some avocado.

Ace of a BLT: Avocado, cheddar, perfect medium fried egg, bacon, lettuce and tomato on crisp sourdough, typically served with skillet potatoes. Makes you say nom.

And according to my local egghead statistician, Marge Innovera, odds are with you that the 3,000,000th egg will be served any day now:

  • Chef J.J. Kingery says the lucky egg will likely be served in late January (now) to early February (almost now)
  • 1900 eggs a day are served at Wild Eggs every day, 6500 eggs per week
  • No one has won it yet. So your odds are even better. That’s math baby.

Win the golden egg at 4 locations: 3985 Dutchmans Lane, 1311 Herr Lane, 153 English Station Road, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, head out to their Denver location: 300 East Alameda Avenue. If you’re going for the big win make sure you have tears ready, an acceptance speech, and my email so we can grab free breakfast together next week. Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “Give it to me, NOW!

  1. Mom says:

    So have you had your sunny side one your pasta yet?

  2. No but that sounds amazing. I’ll take sunny side on just about anything.

  3. Dawn Duffy says:

    Is there a winner yet? I’m deciding my lunch plans.

  4. I just called their Dutchmans Lane location- they wouldn’t give me a total # they are up to but they said no one hit it yet!

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