Traitor Hater or Joseph Lover

Ever since Trader Joe’s opened in Louisville back in October people seem split on whether they love or hate the place.  The Traitor Hater’s dismiss Trader Joe’s because it is often extremely crowded, lacking in variety, and the fact that two buck chuck isn’t 2 bucks.

The Joseph Lovers? They are happy to see a top organic food chain landing in Louisville and no longer want to eat chemically processed foods. Restaurants in the same complex, like Puccini’s Smiling Teeth, are enjoying the new crowds of people they consider upscale diners.  I can appreciate both sides.

Things that makes me a Traitor Hater (this is my experience both here and in other cities):

  • Please stop selling sushi. That goes for all grocery stores. Just stop.
  • Their peppered turkey bacon. Though to be fair, I am reviewing turkey bacon.  But this in particular tastes like a turkey and a can of spam had an evil little baby.
  • Am I the only one less then thrilled with the produce? I get that non chemically treated fruits spoil faster but the produce seemed soft and picked over on my last visits. Is there a happy medium?
  • Make no mistake: An average family couldn’t do all its shopping at the store. But I feel the same about Whole Foods. Cool products, lacking necessities.

Things that make me a Joseph Lover:

  • I have a friend who works at Trader Joe’s who loves it. Great culture, great benefits.
  • Did you see the giant hunks of raw chocolate? ohmygoshyum. Their chocolate comes from all over the world, which makes you more cultured sampling them all. That goes for the cheese too.
  • Chicken cilantro mini wontons. In the frozen section.   These go particularly well with (my crack) Sriracha sauce and make cute little apps. Same goes for their sweet potato fries. Their frozen section is surprisingly good.
  • They have high quality gorgeous flowers. The only grocery store I wouldn’t mind receiving a bouquet from.
  • Organic at a value. That rocks.

Are you a lover or a hater? Let me know which products you think rock and which just weird you out. I’m looking at you turkey meatloaf muffins.


Trader Joe’s. 4600 Shelbyville Road. St. Matthews.


10 thoughts on “Traitor Hater or Joseph Lover

  1. Kenny Bloggins says:

    Agree with a number of these points. Ideally, if I have the time, it’s nice to get certain products from different places. My ideal situation is to get frozen foods and snacks from Trader Joes, necessities from Kroger, produce from ValuMarket, and meat from Morris Deli. Sure, some food is better than others at TJ’s, but it’s the only store that offers organic food at a price most people can afford, which is huge. And who cares if the two buck chuck is $3. Find me another store that offers different wines for as low was $3-$4. I’m a fan, but only for the things that TJ’s excels at.

  2. Madelyn says:

    I’m not either. It is out of my way and in a congested part of town. I would rather pay a little more and shop at Fresh Market and Value Market solely for convenience. If I’m in Saint Matthews, I might stop in, but not going to fight traffic for it.

  3. Veronica says:

    I loved TJ’s when I lived in Phoenix, but I think the quality has gone down over the last few years. Maybe quality can’t keep up with the company’s expansion.

    We have been disappointed with several recent purchases: rice that tastes like cardboard and eggnog that has no taste.

    I find that Grasshoppers Distribution has better organic produce at a better value. We love their service and can get veggies as well as staples. They even have Valentines chocolates now. Check them out if you haven’t yet.

  4. I’ve heard a lot about Grasshoppers, what is the quantity of produce to they deliver to the average household?

  5. UnFatty Gaby says:

    Love TJ’s! I make special trips to get things for my UnFattyGaby blog – low carb tortillas, smaller whole wheat pitas, etc. What I don’t buy there? Meat. It doesn’t go on sale and I can get it cheaper at the regular store. Same with produce – I go to the farmer’s market. But for specialty cheeses, delish snack foods and healthy options – it can’t be beat – especially for the price! I’ll wait in line any day to save a few bucks.

  6. Ed says:

    Personally I couldn’t stand it. The “Louisville” pronunciation guide on the wall just seems pandering to say “oh we’re part of the community!” No you’re not. You’re a fairly large chain and you took the most generic way to tie yourselves in. I bought a pretty wide sample of things to try out on my trip there and every single item turned out bland. I can understand one or two, but eight? No excuse. Upshot? The cashier was fairly adorable. Otherwise, it was a total wash.

  7. Mom says:

    You really need to find your favorites at TJ’s….I like their sweet n sour chicken…the frozen little string beans…and their great selection of nuts..seeds and spices. When you find things you like when you have the time its worth the trip!

  8. Ryan R says:

    You know what is so awesome about TJ’s? If you don’t like it, take it back! You can try anything and if your not 100% satisfied they will refund your money.

  9. Lou says:

    Note to Trader Joes: please stock the shelves for the early evening crowd. Please. Or I will stop coming by after work, which is the only time I would go since I’m out that way. I’m not going to stop if all that’s left are the bruised veggies at the bottom of the display. Worse yet, I hate finding out that everything on my list is gone. Seriously, hire some more help and stock more stuff. ValuMarket is starting to stock more organic and LOCAL foods and they are getting more of my business just because they have the food there in quantity. Imagine that.

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