Always a Fresh Harvest

Harvest is the epitome of the farm-to-table movement in Louisville.  I knew it the moment I walked in.  From the giant black and white photos of the farmers who made our food, the large cork board art piece pinpointing the exact location of the local farms, and the curious nondescript menu.  But nondescript in this case is good. For example, when you order the Harvest pizza, you get a choice of meat or vegetable, set at market price.  Market price? Typically you only see that with seafood.  At Harvest the reason they don’t tell you the toppings depends on the farmers crops and meats that week.  It’s like fresh dining roulette! But without leaving broke and angry. That night my pizza was a chicken confit with a spicy corn salsa. Who knows what meat pizza will be next week!

The fresh details are also in the cocktail menu.  When I ordered my favorite drink the Old Fashioned, the bartender whipped up a version with peach puree, black walnut bitters and Old Forestor. Fresh is good.  And so is their southern style comfort food.

Take a look at what we ate (the bread pudding stole the show):

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Speaking of pizza, catch my chat with The Ramsey Brothers on Lite 106.9 tomorrow morning at 7:45 am where we discuss some of the most unique pizzas in Louisville and what is new to our dining scene. Got a place I have to talk about? Let me know on my FB page.

Harvest is located at 624 East Market Street. Open for lunch Tuesday thru Friday 11a-2:30p.  Open for dinner Tuesday thru Thursday, 5p-10p and until 11p Saturday and Sunday.

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7 thoughts on “Always a Fresh Harvest

  1. Kate says:

    Any relation to the Harvest Seasonal Grill up here in Wilmington? Mark and I went there a few weeks ago, it was awesome and sounds very similar to this place.

  2. No relation, but same thinking behind the food. The Dave Magrogan Group owns the Harvest you’re familiar with, as well as the Kildare’s Irish Pub chain & Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House. Same farm fresh concept but the Harvest here has more of a focus on Southern foods. Fresh is best!

  3. BUDD says:

    so if they are buying from local farmers maybe they should check to see if the farmers are buying local, if your gonna talk the talk you should walk the walk

  4. Patty says:

    Hi Budd,
    I work at Harvest and I did a lot of the buying our first summer there and we did in fact check out some of the farms we bought from. We hope that we can get around to checking out the rest (or at least several more) this summer.
    Some of the farms we visited…
    Barr Farms
    Holden Farms
    Field Day Farms
    Ashbourne Farms
    Memphis Meats(not a farm, but the processing plant for many of our farmers)
    There are several other places we buy from and would like to check out, including….
    Garey Farms
    Fiedler Farms
    JD Country Milk
    Duncan Farms
    and a couple of smaller urban farmers here in our neighborhood.
    If you have anyone you would like to suggest for us, please do so as we are always open to new sources.
    Harvest Restaurant
    624 E. Market St.
    Louisville, Ky. 40202

    • Budd Gotting says:

      hi patty

      thanks for the reply, i guess what i am asking is were do the farmers and farms buy there supplies. i own a animal health supply business in louisville been in business 66 years of all the farms you have listed i have only heard of one, ashbourne farm i have not sold them any product in many years. we ran into them at a farmers market and we ask them were they bought their cattle supplies and were told on-line in my opinion that is not local.i have been to harvest twice and i will be back they have great food.
      kentuckiana vet supply
      1051 E. main
      louisville, ky.

  5. Patty thanks for taking the time to comment, it shows the great compassion for the work you do at Harvest!

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