Backing the Grind

Have you heard the latest food truck news? I almost had a heart attack when I saw this:

Not my beloved Lil Cheezers! After several tweets with concerned citizens the owner said:

The business issues are mostly weather and financially based. The new ordinances have nothing to do with it. It’s just not producing the revenue it should in the winter months. In the summer it rocks. I will try to get back out as soon as I can.  I am releasing a brick and mortar business plan that would incorporate the truck tethering out daily. We will see what happens there.

A piece of why the Louisville culinary scene is so great is the food trucks.  These local business owners produce the goods that deserved to be backed and supported! I’m wishing the very best for Lil Cheezers.  Which made me all the more determined to support emerging food trucks, like new gourmet burger truck Grind.

Grind is from the minds of bloggers Liz & Jesse who you may recognize from frequent posts on Louisville’s Urban Spoon. Grind has a goal of opening this spring.  They’ll be serving up gourmet burgers with local ingredients, Bluegrass Beef and a gourmet vegetarian option as well. Here’s video of their progress.

Besides the creepy voice over (hah just teasing) Grind looks to produce really good stuff.  Support the idea of a gourmet burger on wheels? Then head to Kick Starter to help Liz & Jesse complete their truck.  Let’s keep these Louisville food trucks rolling! I’ll see you at their grand opening.

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