Get excited for Taco Punk

Open January 19th at 736 East Market Street.

I had a chance to chat with Gabe Sowder, restaurant owner and chef of new eatery Taco Punk to fill us in with the latest happenings of the restaurant.  In case you missed Consuming Louisville’s post last week, this Friday is Taco Punk’s soft opening/fundraiser for Slow Food Bluegrass, an organization that brings good, clean foods to our tables while maintaining a commitment to the environment.  That means on Friday the 13th you can pay 10 bucks and get a meal and a soft drink from Taco Punk plus do something good for our community.  But if you’re too superstitious to leave the house on the 13th, Taco Punk is officially opening their doors to the public on January 19th.  Some cool stuff I learned from Gabe:

  • What’s with their name? It was dreamed up from a child! Gabe’s son Ezra who was 5 at the time was horsing around with his dad and called him a ‘taco punk’.  Ezra is 6 years old now and taking restaurant consultations.
  • About the food and booze. Gabe is taking up with the rest of the East Market restaurants and using only ingredients from local farms.  Everything in the restaurant is made by hand including the tortillas and the sauces.  The menu will be sensitive to all dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, gluten allergies, etc.  When Taco Punk opens they’ll be serving lunch and dinner.  Alcoholic beverages will include wine from Spain and South America with Mexican and American craft brews.  
  • Gabe’s favorite taco? His pineapple pork taco.
  • What’s next? Expanding their operations to do catering soon.

And why the jump from gourmet 610 Magnolia to Taco Punk in NuLu? Says Gabe:

Spiritually I always had trouble with no matter how good my food was at 610 Magnolia my family and friends couldn’t afford to go there.  So I asked myself the question how I can get the best possible food into the hands of the most possible people and came up with Taco Punk.

Can’t wait to try it myself!

Open during the week 11-10 pm, Friday and Saturday 11-2 am.  Located at 736 East Market Street.


One thought on “Get excited for Taco Punk

  1. TacoHead says:

    Over priced tacos. $4 for a small fish taco is too much. The prices fit in with the neighborhood but their proportions are severely lacking.

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