Sweet Baby D’s

Baby D’s bagel and deli (aptly named after co-owner Derick Mulcahy aka ‘Baby D’) boasts a koorazy amount of bagels and sandwiches featuring A&S Bagels from Long Island, NY. But why bagels from New York? The history helps.  Immigrant Polish-Jews first brought these bready wonders to New York City and perfected the puffy yet moist crust with a slight chew, instead of the smaller, crunchier, semi-sweet bagels like Montreal bagels.  Here in Louisville Baby D’s is unique because we aren’t used to moist big city bagels.  At Baby D’s they use a high-pressure steamer on every sandwich, which heats up and melts the cheese/meat without making it soggy. And makes it super delicious.

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The boys also aim to please by topping their bagels with roasted or smoked meat all done in house, ranging from turkey, beef brisket, roast beef, ham and bacon.  Their menu ranges as broad as their schedule, open Sunday to Thursday 7a-9p and Saturday to Sunday 7a to 4a.  You read that right: Baby D’s caters to the late night munchy crowd! Perhaps they are the inspiration for some of these hilariously named sandwiches:

Honey Badger: Peanut butter, honey and banana on a blueberry bagel.
Hangover Cure: Fried egg, ham, brisket, provolone, on a plain bagel.
Young Cheezy: Ham, provolone, swiss and cheddar on a plain bagel.
Bill Cosby: Turkey, spinach, cream cheese, provolone, bbq sauce on a bialy bagel.
Cardinal Sin: Cinnamon doughnut with marshmellow cream, gram crackers, and chocolate covered bacon.

Shut yo mouth.

Check out the full menu here courtesy of my handy black and white scanner: Baby D’s bagel & deli menu (PDF).  Located at 2009 Highland Ave. For delivery call 502-365-DELI.


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