Your Rye Preview

I told you about the newest restaurant to hit downtown East Market’s “NuLu” district called Rye back in November and I was happy enough to attend a preview night on December 29th to experience it first hand for myself.  You know I was feeling fancy at Rye when the Mayor showed up, but it was the warm service and salmon & potato latke that will keep me coming back.  That and the pumpkin rolled in goat cheese fried lightly into a fritter.  I wish I had a better camera to show you how great the food looked! But Rye’s cool dimly lit atmosphere didn’t mix well with my cell phone camera. So I snagged some great shots from their newly live website:

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During the preview night Rye served up simple deviled eggs, pumpkin goat cheese fritters, the buttery salmon and potato latkes topped with a light cream sauce, ribeye, pastrami on rye, medium rare Rye burgers with big chunky salty fries, a market salad, and an over medium farm fresh egg on veggies and toast. Check out their full menu here (PDF).  Their philosophy:

We believe that local and regional food simply tastes better. Capitalizing on the unrivaled products of our local farms, RYE focuses on using sustainable, seasonal, unadulterated ingredients… Allowing us to provide you with a fresher, cleaner, more flavorful cuisine.

Good stuff.  Farm-to-table reigns supreme in NuLu and this tasting was another example of how good fresh food can be.  And although the bar was only serving up beer and wine during the preview night I’m excited to head back and try their inspired cocktails.  Cheers to you, Rye! Welcome to the neighborhood.

Now open.  900 East Market Street.  Open Tuesday-Wednesday 5p to 12a.  Thursday-Saturday 5p to 2a.

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