The Magical Modjeska

Candy shops are awesome.  90 year old candy shops are magical.  Louisville’s oldest and finest Muth’s Candies fits the bill as both.

Next to the new Toast on Market Street.

When you were little did you promise yourself as an adult you would take all of your money and spend it on candy? Quit being a sellout! Head to Muth’s and take a huge sniff when you walk in the front door.  Press your nose against the glass staring at the rows of candy.

I'll take a bag of your finest gummy bears please.

And while your there sample a little piece of history in the form of Muth’s Modjeska, a combination of a soft homemade marshmallow covered in a light coating of caramel, served up fresh in a tiny package of wax paper. The cashier assured me there’s a high level of butter, cream and sugar in this morsel making it all the more wonderful.  I bought 5 or 6 and ate them too quickly to take an actual picture.  But look what I found on a wedding blog, the holy Modjeska!

Ah, so this is what good photography looks like.

This tiny confection is a Louisville thoroughbred, created here for the love of one famous Polish actress, Helena Modjeska.  While appearing at the McCauley Theater in the late 1800’s, Madam Modjeska made quite the impression on French candy maker Anton Busath who had a candy shop next to the McCauley Theater.  Says Muth’s of Anton’s creative process:

Nearly six years after (Madam Modjeska’s) last appearance in Louisville Anton finally perfected his ‘caramel marshmallow wonder’.  It was with Madam Modjeskas’ blessing that he named his wonder ‘The Modjeska’.  In appreciation she sent Anton an autographed portrait of herself.  The portrait hung in the store until a fire in 1947 destroyed the building.  With the holiday so close, Edgar Busath (the son of Anton) asked a good friend (Rudy Muth of Muth’s candy) to use his candy kitchen to make candy for his family and close friends for Christmas.  When it became apparent that he would not be reopening the store, Edgar gave Rudy the recipe for the Modjeska.

And the rest is history! Such a wonderful story. Check out Muth’s Candies at 630 East Market St.  Closed Sunday and Monday.  Open Tuesday through Friday 8:30-4p, Saturday 10-4p.


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