SaE it is so! New downtown cafe/lunch delivery

Have you checked out the newly opened SaE Cafe’ on 7th Street between Market and Jefferson? Opened by lunch meal lover Emily Sparks, SaE Cafe offers unique sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads for hungry downtown diners.

Baby it's cold outside. Get lunch delivered instead. 585-3400. 11-1p.

Among their top sellers is the Mexi Mama, which comes tucked in a whole wheat wrap, with ancho chile cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese, green pepper, turkey, avocado spread and red onion.  I’m also interested in the red pepper bisque soup and the Angry Bob.   This sammy comes with white bread, turkey, swiss, green apples, mayo, bacon and dill pickles.  (Although I’d take mine without the dill pickles because of my odd disdain of the cucumber cousin).

Plus two of the sandwiches on the menu came from Mayor Fischer who created Fischer’s Favorite and former Chief of Police Robert C. White who created Hail to the Chief.  Says Emily of her cafe:

The idea of the cafe started with my best friend Sarah (the S in SaE…Sarah and Emily, genius, right:)  and I wanting to open a Fun, Fresh and Fast place for the downtown employees and visitors to eat and hang out!  I realized the cafe customer had several choices downtown but I wanted them to choose SaE because they could not get a coffee/food/customer experience anywhere else downtown like it.  We are also the only coffee house to serve Tazza Mia downtown

Salute this small business owner and try her cute cafe! Let me know how you like it.


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