Airport food is the BEST

You read that right.  When you travel to the Atlanta International Airport, terminal E, you can find not only the amazing upscale restaurant One Flew South, but also a little piece of Louisville, Kentucky.  Mainly because of former Seelbach Oakroom Chef Duane Nutter.  About this ‘Southernational’ cuisine:

One Flew South is the first upscale dining experience in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Diners can enjoy spirited global fare featuring premium ingredients from regional farmers and purveyors. One Flew South serves proper cocktails and features an exceptional sushi menu and take-away items. The restaurant presents an enticing culinary destination for travelers braving the world’s busiest airport.

With all of the hustle and bustle I was lucky to have landed in terminal E, kept hidden with slabs of wood peeking into the airport.  But you have to see the food to understand how good it is. Check it out below.

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One thought on “Airport food is the BEST

  1. Monique Stantliff says:

    My husband travels through Atlanta all of the time and with planes always being late this will be a great place for him to visit! Thank you for all of your tips – You have not steered me wrong yet!

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