MMM… Doughnuts.

Homer Simpson knows his stuff.  There are few things more satisfying then eating a doughnut.  And Louisville being the culinary creative town it is has a lot of ways to get your fix.  Check out some of my favorites:

Wins the "oh no they didn't!" award every time!

Every year at the Kentucky State Fair happy patrons line up for a Krispy Kreme burger which is pretty much health food when served with sweet potato fries.  The key is swapping out the burger buns with fresh glazed doughnuts, toasting evenly on the grill.  God bless America.

Another Louisville Classic is Nord’s Bakery, and their maple frosted bacon doughnut.

One slap of bacon per doughnut. Get awesome.

You may notice that two of my choices include some type of meat on it, which makes it more of a meal then a mere doughnut.  I also really enjoyed AP Crafters take on the doughnut, which they serve for dessert.  They fry up warm doughnuts topped with salted caramel sauce, for only $4.50.  Or how about Sugar and Spice Doughnut Shop (on both Bardstown Road and my bucket list) who die-hards claim has the best doughnuts in Louisville, with both cakey doughnuts and light airy ones to match your mood.

What’s your favorite doughnut?


2 thoughts on “MMM… Doughnuts.

  1. Val says:

    I know I’m showing my age when I say I miss the Third Street Bakery that was in the Iroquois Park area. Hands down the BEST cake donuts with caramel frosting and chopped peanuts! And they never could keep the cherry crescent cake donuts in the store. It got to the point that you had to special order them because they were so tender and fragile. I’ve been trying for years to find a cake donut as light and grease-free as those were, along with a caramel frosting that TASTED like caramel and not just sugar.

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