Streaky Bacon

The Blind Pig has been on my restaurant bucket list for quite some time now.  And with non-Louisvillians in town excited to try something unique from our restaurant scene I knew the answer was the Pig.  Besides, I perused the menu prior to our visit and there was an entree with the description NO VEGETABLES in caps!  Dining with three hungry guys it was a done deal.  And out came the Meat Plate as our appetizer.

Now typically I share pictures of my meal, but last night was dark and stormy.  I blinded the group once with a camera shot and decided to be polite and put it away.   But the entree/app was amazing.  It came with a side of yellow mustard with three sausages.  Toulouse sausage is chewy, garlicy, and delicious.  It was my favorite of the three.  Boudin sausage is a combination of pork and veale which had a silky texture.  It fell apart when you cut it.  The Chorizo was spicy and dark red.  The loin was savory and tender, but the streaky bacon stole the show.  Smoked and thick-cut it is the best bacon you’ve ever had.  It’s the kind of bacon that makes you wish the Blind Pig would open for breakfast. Please?

What we had for dinner: The Cassoulet with white kidney beans, garlic sauces and duck confit.  That’s a dish that you eat half of and it looks like you barely took a bite.   Bacon wrapped scallops.  The Shepherds pie which our guest (a British native) complimented for actually having lamb in it mixed in with bison.  And one adventurous diner had the server pick her favorite and she brought out a pasta dish that I could remember the name better had I not been two glasses of pinot noir into the meal.

Why we’ll be back: The dishes are hearty.  The ambiance fits the neighborhood with it’s wooden accents but maintains a level of sophistication.  The open kitchen had us sneaking peaks to see if our food was up while maintaining conversation.  We couldn’t help but look every minute! It smelled good enough to eat.  And it was.

Open Tuesday-Thursday: 11:30a.m.-11p.m, Friday and Saturday: 11:30am-12am.  Closed Sunday & Monday.

The Meat Plate: Shrouded in mystery. Or it was my crappy camera on a stormy night.



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