New Microbrew on 4th Street Live

Oh what a crazy year it has been for 4th Street Live.  There has been highs and there has been lows and I’m not just talking about when you fell off the bar at Sully’s.  The bad: the back rent.  The Cordish Company is suing mad about the back rent due from now closed Border’s ($130,000 owed), Saddle Ridge ($133,000 owed) and Red Star ($400,000 owed).  It seems that most leases with 4th Street Live were 10 year leases, which took a 10%+ hike after the first 5 years not including a percentage of the bars gross sales.  Bummer.

But there has been a silver lining.  First, Cordish finds a new tenant for Saddle Ridge called PBR.  Sorry hipsters this isn’t a Pabst Blue Ribbon bar, PBR stands for Professional Bull Riders, Inc. including a mechanical bull, dance floor, and a lounge… which sounds exactly like Saddle Ridge.  Except PBR aims to set themselves apart with a food menu serving up a southwestern-inspired dishes coupled with a big old bourbon list.   There is also a PBR right next to an Angel’s Rock Bar at Power Plant Live, another Cordish owned company in Baltimore, that seems to be doing just fine.

Next came the highly anticipated Chicago franchise Potbelly’s sandwich works, which opened early November.  You all know how excited I was about that. Those are some delicious sandwiches.

But now I’m even more excited about the news Louisville Insider broke about the vacant Borders: it is to be replaced by a German-style microbrewery and restaurant! The restaurant is called Gordon Biersch, famous for their microbrews and garlic fries (thick cut,  crispy and strong enough to keep vampires away).

Thank goodness. An establishment without mechanical bull or a jaded bartender.

Though the beers won’t be local (and I just did a write up on Against the Grain) it’s certainly better then having 15,000 square feet of vacant space and another obnoxious nightclub.  Cheers to you Gordon Biersch! Welcome to Louisville.


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