Po-Boy Power

If you’ve never been to Cafe’ Lou Lou in the Higlands or St. Matthews, you’re missing some amazing food with the flare of representing both Louisville and New Orleans.  Owner Helen Ellis previously lived in New Orleans ten years before setting up shop in Louisville and knows both locations pack a mean culinary punch.  I’ve personally had Chef Jeff’s famous meatball sandwich with crispy cajun waffle fries which was out of this world delicious.  And one cultural food choice particularly close to their heart is the Po-Boy a sandwich with a background as rich as the cajun culture itelf.

New Orleans annual Po-Boy festival brings out 60,000+ foodies! Celebrate here in Louisville November 12-14th with Cafe Lou Lou.

Why are Po’ Boys so celebrated? Explains Helen:

The name “po-boy” comes from an old New Orleans tradition of one restaurant providing sandwiches for striking ‘carmen’, workers on the streetcars. Bennie and Clovis Martin were former carmen who opened a restaurant in the French Market in New Orleans. An extremely violent strike in 1929 put 1,100 of their former union brothers out of work.  The Martins fed any striker large sandwiches cut from French bread and said when they saw one coming, ‘here comes another poor boy.’  They worked with a local bakery to develop special bread that wasn’t tapered on the ends so that each carman got plenty of the filling.

Both Cafe Lou Lou locations, 106 Sears Avenue in St. Matthews and 2216 Dundee Road in the Douglass Loop will be serving specialty Po-Boys with fried shrimp, fried oyster or roast beef with potato salad (a the traditional side dish). You can order them “dressed” with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayo or “naked” without the condiments. Either way they are yummy!

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