Top Chef: The Heat is On

**SPOILER ALERT*** Do not read any further if you didn’t watch Top Chef: The Heat is On last night.

Best quote ever, "If they leave me here in the stew room long enough I'm going to kill the other 5 people to get that jacket." That's how bad I want it."-Chef Ed

Is there any question Louisvillian 610 Magnolia’s Chef Edward Lee is the breakout star of this show?  He’s got the talent, the personality, and murderous intentions to match. (See above).  All of those I respect.  As Top Chef opens we see Chef Ed stewing in the “bubble room” which consists of the remaining chefs that have to cook for the second time to make top 16.   He is contemplating how friendly he should be to the other cheftestants.  “Oh, you work on a cruise ship?” asks Chef Ed to Chef Molly Brandt, who later proves her cruise ship stereotype by cooking the life out of shrimp and getting sent home.  And yet Chef Ed is totally likeable!

He is a standout especially since this episode is littered with more chefs then you can possibly remember.   But all the chefs eventually learned you can be sent home for doing the following things: not plating risotto, not being able to get a pressure cooker lid off, and not respecting Hugh Acheson’s super sweet unibrow. Handsome with a unibrow is hard to pull off.


Towards the end of Top Chef the “bubble room” competes.  There are 6 chefs left, including Chef Ed, competing for only 2 spots.  Their mission was to use any ingredient in the kitchen to prove they should be on Top Chef.  The cheftestants used tiger shrimp, mussels, polenta with bacon wrapped shrimp, scallop with a clam base, scallops two ways and a ton of other similarly sounding seafood.  Chef Ed notices a way to separate himself and does duck.  He says, “Outside of Kentucky I’m a nobody, but you don’t have to be from New York to make great food!” To prove how bad ass he was he then nearly severed off his arm, according to the amount of blood hemorrhaging from his body.

Says Chef Ed, “take my torso. I’ll cook with my feet if I have to.”  Classic! Working with one hand Chef Ed made a blend of Asian and southern fruit, sweet Asian custard, BBQ sauce, pickled corn and bacon over his duck.   And sure enough, it was enough to get him into the top 16. (And hilariously enough Chef Ed tweeted during that segment: “Secret ingredient: blood.”)  Awesome.


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