If you haven’t checked out MozzaPi yet please first feast your eyes on the pie below:

Sweet tiny baby Jesus that is a delicious looking pizza.

What is that incredible looking dish? Why it’s MozzaPi’s prosciutto & arugula pizza with a balsamic reduction! The difference between this pizza and your standard American fare is that MozzaPi brings the thunder on a traditional Napoletana pizza, being that it is from a wood fire oven, it has a focus on simple yet fresh ingredients, and it makes you go NOM NOM NOM when you eat it.

Most recently you could grab a slice of Italian-certified artistry on the portable MozzPi truck featured around town at various food truck events.  But thankfully starting in 2012 you can travel down to 1015 Bardstown Road in the Highlands whenever you get the hankering.  Justyne Richardson gave me a sample of their developing menu:

(The menu) will feature approximately 3-5 anti pastas and salads, 6 Neapolitan pizza creations on our naturally leavened & hand kneaded crust, 3-4 more gourmet pizza creations which will be served on a different crust (an example of this pizza is the Thai pizza we have served with the truck before).   Dessert will feature our signature s’mores out of the wood fired oven.

Plus they’ll be serving brunch on the weekends.  I know. Awesome.

If you like what you see and can’t wait until 2012 to get a taste, check out this cool contest awarding two couples a dinner at the home of head chef and owner Tom Edwards on Saturday, November 19th.

MozzaPi (food truck) on Urbanspoon


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