How about them apples?

Have you ever been genuinely excited about an apple? Not a caramel apple, or apple tarts or pie, I mean a raw apple, sitting there innocently in your neighborhood grocery store? If not, then you’ve never had a honeycrisp apple.

Grab them from your grocer now! When they are gone they are gone for an entire year. (sniffle)

I’ll say it: honeycrisp apples are the best apples on the planet.  When you bite into them they make a loud chomp.  When you taste a honeycrisp it is super sweet, fresh, refreshing, a tiny bit tart, and everything perfect that a crisp apple should be.  When you are done with a honeycrisp you have the urge to buy another because you can’t stand the thought of living without it.  Why have you never heard of a honeycrisp apple? A few reasons.

One: Honeycrisp apples have an extremely short season.  They only come out for one or two months max, between mid-September barely peaking into November before they disappear for an entire year.

Two: Honeycrisp apples only made it to the market in the early 90s.  They were developed by a bunch of fruit doctors (horticulturalists) in Minnesota by mixing a bunch of other apples together (Macoun, Honeygold and possibly the Keepsake). We may need to get Maury to tell us who the daddy is.

Three: You got to the grocery store mere moments after me and I ransacked the entire place.

I got my bag of apples this week at my local Valu Mart but I’ve found them before at Kroger, Walmart and Meijer.


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