Happy Hallows Eve!

I am a huge goober when it comes to Halloween.  My house has been decorated with pumpkins, spider cloth tablecloths, black cats and witches for over a month now.  And my sweet honey badger costume has already gotten a few wears this weekend.   With Danger Run completed last night in a record 5 hours (that’s bad) and Crescent Hill on the agenda tonight, it only seems fitting I continue my Halloween antics while watching football today to keep that Halloween spirit level high!

Tomorrow I am serving up to my coworkers two delicious trick-or-treats that are simple enough for a kitchen illiterate girl like me:

Witch hats! Keebler Fudge stripe cookies (turned upside down), Hershey Kisses attached with tube icing.

I found these on a fantastic website pinterest.com added by fellow blogger Barb Schram.   (Helpful tip: freezing them after you put them together on Parchment paper helps along the sticking process).  These were so easy I even had the time and leftover Kisses to make delicious peanut butter acorns:

Acorn cookies made from Hershey Kisses, Nilla wafers, and Reeces peanut butter chip (all glued together with Reeces peanut butter).

This quick treat I found on Sara’s Party Perfect and was perfectly easy to create.  Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Update: Use the mini Nilla wafers or else you’ll have super big acorn tops!


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