Trader Joe’s now open!

After a big social media push on Facebook and eager anticipation from Louisville residents, Trader Joe’s opens this morning at the Shelbyville Road Plaza!  Media trucks on site captured the scene:

Photo credit: @Graylinsample

Having lived around a Trader Joe’s in the northeast I know that the company brings a high level of customer service and fun (the employees rock Hawaiian style shirts to work) along with a focus on fresh, organic, and often quirky products.  There’s no preservatives, additives or artificial colors in their products but they are presented in a down to earth fashion that could otherwise turn some folks off to green stores.  A majority of the brands in a Trader Joe’s is Trader Joe’s accounting for nearly 80% of what is on the shelves.  Because of this the prices are less flashy then other niche grocery stores, among my favorite products being $5 Trader Joe’s wine and their big raw looking hunks of chocolate.

Excited residents: this picture was taken in the 8 oclock hour by @graylinsample

Check out Trader Joe’s at 4600 Shelbyville Road, in suites 111 and 112.


One thought on “Trader Joe’s now open!

  1. […] since Trader Joe’s opened in Louisville back in October people seem split on whether they love or hate the place.  […]

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