The Troll Pub Under the Bridge

Have you seen a happy looking troll peeking out from the basement doors at Whiskey Row downtown? It’s newly opened Troll Pub Under the Bridge!

Located on the corner of 2nd and Washington.

Last night General Manager Ben Barker showed me around the City Property Group owned pub and restaurant that is as unique as the 10 foot troll himself.  The bar is nestled in the basement of the Whiskey Row Lofts directly behind Bearno’s pizza on Main Street, bubbling over with personality.  From remarkable wood craftsmanship of sculptures, railings, and entryways inside the pub, to the endless number of flat screen tvs in every room, The Troll Pub delivers on the aesthetics.  But then Troll ups the cool factor with a hidden dining room with a secret entrance behind a bookcase. Figure out the right book and the bookcase suddenly swings open revealing a 15 person private room.  But I won’t tell you which book.

Behold the 10 ounce Cuvee des Trolls Belgian beer.

The Troll pub has a nice long bar in the very back of the space, but it is set up largely to accommodate a restaurant crowd.  While at the bar you have to try the 10 ounce Cuvee des Trolls Belgian beer, a delicious golden brew on tap that is sweet to the taste with a finish like a pale ale.  Though $9 a glass, it was certainly a treat.  The menu has your standard pub fare with a hearty appetizer menu of loaded chips, pretzels with beer cheese, fried mushrooms, and wings. I was mostly intrigued by the Build Your Own Burger portion of the menu.  You first choose your meat of angus beef, bison or veggie burger, then your bread of kaiser, brioche or pretzel roll, and the rest is left up to the creativity of the burger builder.  All served up hot with kettle chips, it is good for the meat lover or the vegetarian.  The bar opens up to a outside dining friendly courtyard that feels like a great secret, situated between four tall walls of Whiskey Row:

Bonus: there's a signal booster for cell phones in the courtyard to counteract the flaky basement signal no one could get on their phones.

All in all City Property Groups very first restaurant is poised to be a hit, thanks to the finest attention to details.  Open Monday through Sunday 11 am to 2 am.

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3 thoughts on “The Troll Pub Under the Bridge

  1. Shane says:

    I’m going just for the hidden dining room. How freakin cool is that?!

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