Garage Brunch

Since it was announced in September that Garage Bar was open for brunch (PDF) I’ve been wanting to try it. Cold pizza for breakfast was already excellent so hot pizza with sausage, potato, egg, spinach, cream and mozzarella sounded even better.  Just behold the beautiful pie that was delivered:

Get your brunch fix Saturday and Sunday from 11-3.

I’m a sucker for over medium eggs so dipping my crusts in the yolk left on the tray was a delicious finishing touch.  To go along with our savory pie we decided to try something sweet as well:

Belgian waffle with peaches, whipped butter & syrup.

It was your basic waffle sweetened with a peach topping with a warm syrup that tasted like it was spiced with something that gave it a bit of a zing.  The peaches on top were cold which I wasn’t expecting, but overall the waffle was good.  The slab of bacon we ordered on the side was slightly charred and delicious.

Garage does Proof proud in the food department, but the hospitality is inconsistent and inattentive.  The service is slow, but the food came out quickly and were dazzled despite the lackluster waitstaff.  Garage celebrates a group atmosphere with long family style tables and encourages sharing your dishes so bring a friend next time you’re hungry for pizza in the morning.

Update: Unfortunately Garage deleted my review from their Facebook page, probably because of the comment on their staff.  Check out more reviews and form your own opinion at:

Garage Bar on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Garage Brunch

  1. garages says:

    the waffle makes me hungry.. I want that, looks so delicious!

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