Big time bites!

The past couple of days were a whirlwind of events! I jokingly asked everyone I dined with if they took the calories out of their food because I must have hit record highs.  I’m assuming that once you hit a specific number of calories per day your body can no longer absorb anymore so for most dishes I was in the clear.  On Saturday I made the journey to Bridgeville Delaware for the Apple-Scrapple Festival.

Describing scrapple is like describing a hot dog...gross. Made popular in the Mid-Atlantic it's a combination of pork trimmings, cornmeal, flour and spices. Scrapple is often served with ketchup or syrup with breakfast foods or as a sandwich. Scrapple is essentially a gray brick of meat- but oh so tasty.

The festival, which celebrates all things apples (candied, dumpling, pies, fritters, etc.) and all things scrapple, was named the continents top 100 events of the year!  This event typically hosts 30,000 people and incorporates live entertainment, tons of food booths and a fair atmosphere.

I'm in my glory next to a food truck eating a scrapple sandwich on wonderbread with cheese.

My next delicious bite came from the Taste of Louisville event on Monday night.  This flapper filled evening was a lot of fun, highlights being the outdoor beer garden, The Oak Room’s pumpkin and bison sausage soup, and my all time favorite dish served up from executive Chef Paul Sant from the Crowne Plaza by the Louisville Airport.

With my hair rolled up tight with a beautiful feather headpiece, I was roaring to eat!

Chef Paul’s mouth-watering dish was a pan seared duck breast, served over vanilla sweet potatoes and drizzled with a Kentucky Proud bourbon sorghum.  It was so good I ate it twice (which is clearly against the rules at a tasting).  I’m hoping it is on their menu because I want some more!

Last night I visited the Rivue, a restaurant atop the Galt House which gives a gorgeous 360 view of parts of downtown and the river on a slow spinning circular platform.  The room was dressed swanky and the food matched as well.  We dined on wedge salads (fresh lettuce from Grateful Greens) with blue cheese crumbles and a curious pile of bacon dust seasoning! I then dove into a massive NY Strip that I’m guessing was 12+ ounces, topped with white cheddar and pimento, port wine sauce, and coupled with parsley potatoes.  We topped off the evening with a trio of desserts (my favorite being a tower of chocolate sour dough cake) plus a delightful stop from the candy cart allowing us to sample sea salt chocolate truffles, sour cherrys, champagne gummy drops and peanut brittle.  It was a long dinner with many courses that felt truly special!

Just a super romantic dinner at the Rivue with my friends and I. Happy birthday Cat! (center)

So much goodness in so little time.  A couple of situps and I’ll be back in action!


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