Pigging out at Potbellys

Traveling sometimes can be a blur.  Having just stepped off a plane from Louisville to Chicago in a daze seated between a couple of eccentric winos in a heated debate about the use of treated steel vs. stainless steel to temper wine, I was happy to notice a Potbellys Sandwich Works in front of my gate.

Ever since the sign on 4th Street was hoisted up proclaiming a new Potbelly’s opening next to Qdoba I’ve been curious to try it.  Upon seeing the sign a friend next to me groaned, “Oh my god Potbelly’s is so good I wonder when they are opening.”  Another grumped, “Damn. I wanted to open a Potbelly’s franchise here.” So I had high expectations.

Who knew there was sandwich paparazzi in Louisville?

The line was long even at 10:45 am.  I stepped to the back of the line and was immediately approached by a guy with a computer tablet, asking me what type of sandwich I want but in a tone like “whatdoyouwant”.  I ordered the most popular sandwich, called “the Wreck” consisting of salami, roast beef, turkey, ham and swiss on wheat bread.  (Wheat basically makes it health food right?)

As I snaked through the line I grabbed a drink, Zapp’s salt & vinegar kettle potato chips and reached the next series of folks who had my sandwich all ready to go from the convection oven.  One barked, “toppings?” After putting the finals touches on my sandwich the cashier yelled “Over here” where I swiped my card and left in a similar daze from the airplane.  But it’s worth the cattle drive.

Glory for only a second of topping ordering is okay with me.

Probably due to the quick pace of ordering I inhaled my sandwich down in two minutes flat and gave myself the hiccups.  More likely it was because the sandwich was really, really good. Follow Potbelly’s on Facebook to find out more about their Louisville grand opening.


3 thoughts on “Pigging out at Potbellys

  1. told you that place was Awesome!!! It’s Joy’s all-time favorite.


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