A First State Brewer comes to Louisville

Being a Delaware native I was excited with the news LouisvilleBeer.com broke about BBC’s newest hire: Jeremy Hunt (below) from Dogfish Head Brewery of Milton, Delaware!  In case you are unfamiliar, Dogfish Head has a signature line of award winning India Pale Ales, the 60 minute, the 90 minute and the 120 minute IPA.  The time reference is a nod to how long the wort (the sugary liquid you get from smashing barley) has been boiling while hops are being added.

A Brew Master and a sweet 'stache? Double win!

Dogfish Head is also known for creating unique and whimsical beers using coffee, licorice, pumpkins, and raisins.  But beyond basic ingredients these brewers are bringing the creative thunder.  One example was Dogfish Head using ancient drinking vessels from archaeological sites that contained traces of beer to reinvent beers from the past.  The line was called “Ancient Ales”.  They even made a playful beer called “Liquor de Malt,” a bottle-conditioned malt liquor which typically comes in its own brown paper bag.

Pour a little out for our new homie Jeremy Hunt!

If you run into Jeremy in Louisville when he starts at the BBC Shelbyville Road on November 1st here’s a couple of fun facts:

  • Jeremy started his career in Boston cleaning kegs and working on the bottling line, but quickly moved into the brewhouse.
  • Jeremy has been brewing professionally for nine years, the last three at Dogfish Head Brewery.
  • His own exclusive Dogfish Head creation was a Belgian-style Double IPA appropriately named “Le Kabouter de Guerre” or “The Gnome of War”.

3 thoughts on “A First State Brewer comes to Louisville

  1. JP says:

    Sipping a Dogfish Pumpkin Ale in Delaware as I read this blog. Congrats to you guys! Enjoy.

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