Dear Ms. MegaBites

Oh goody my first question from a subscriber! This one comes from Shane on the subject of office catering.  He writes:

Ms. MegaBites,

Do you have any catering ideas to feed my staff of 25 this Wednesday? Something fun and different for my office?

-Shane C.

A common corporate conundrum.  A task is given to feed a crew of picky people who you eventually hear in the cube next door complaining about having to eat the same old boring crap. Pizza? Puh-lease. With the bountiful restaurant selection at our doorsteps it’s easy to get great food for a group.  Forward these along to your office managers and prepared to get promoted.

  • Mark’s Feed Store– Insert some smokey flavor! Take advantage of this locally owned and operated bbq joint and feast on a spread of chicken, pork, potato salad, green beans, coleslaw, and buttermilk pie.  Plus $180 to feed 25 makes you a fiscal phenom.
  • Shiraz Mediterranean Grill– Put aside the turkey on white and go with chic on a stick! From $8-$10 a person satisfy vegetarians and carnivores alike with chicken and vegetable kabobs, rice, eggplant, hummus, bread for dipping, and a cookie.  Don’t we all just need a cookie from time to time?
  • The Mayan Cafe– Show your coworkers your eco friendly side with the help of the Mayan Cafe’s farm-to-table lunches. For $9 a person you can choose a variety of soups, salads, burritos or fresh sandwiches made with Mexican bolillo bread and served up on biodegradable plates. You’re sure to get two green thumbs up.
  • DiFabio’s Casapela– Add a little bada-bing to your  workplace with a tray of alfredo, chicken parmigiana, eggplant lasagna, or good old fashioned spaghetti and meatballs served with salad and bread sticks.  Catering is served family style for your work mafia’s pleasure.

If you are a restaurant or an office manager with fabulous lunch tricks, please spread the love in the comment section.


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