Hello world! I’m Meg and I’m hungry.

My name is Meg and I love life in Louisville.  Especially the food. Upon moving here two years ago I was happily overwhelmed with the fantastic restaurant scene.  With over 2500 restaurants and more opening every day, I found myself chasing down food trucks, tweeting to gelato carts, ruining the ambiance of fancy restaurants with my flashing camera cell phone, and yesterday I even attempted to kiss a salmon on the lips.  (They are toothier then you’d imagine and the Chef at Doc Crow’s told me it costs an extra $5 to kiss the fish).

Thanks toothy salmon. This ones for you.

So with a ferocious appetite and a passion for pudding, pizza, pilsners, pretzels, pot pies and alliteration, I am proud to bring you delicious megabites of Louisville Kentucky.


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